Matching Talent makes it easier for you and other newcomers to find a job in the Flemish labor market. Thanks to our direct contact with the municipalities, OCMWs, VDAB and companies, we quickly identify opportunities and can help you find a job in one of our dynamic sectors. Enjoy free training and guidance and get started in one of our companies in no time.

To increase the chances of success for the integration of newcomers and Ukrainians, five partners joined forces for the Matching Talent project. The cross-sector initiative is supported by representatives of the food, woodworking, textile, plastics, and chemical industries.

Initiative for Ukrainians and newcomers

Getting started in various industries

Matching Talent appeals to their member companies to open vacancies to you, so that you can be quickly hired for one of their open positions, provided you receive training. With Matching Talent, you can enjoy free training and guidance.


Working in the country, where you’re eligible for temporary EU protection, not only promotes your mental well-being, but it also ensures that you integrate faster, have a steady income, and build a social network at record speed. And that network is important to actually feel at home.

Integrate faster with a job

What can Matching Talent offer you?

Matching Talent ensures:

Free coaching and training

Direct contact with companies

Finding work faster to become financially independent

Faster integration and social network building


An overview of the vacancies

In Belgium there are still a lot of jobs that are difficult or impossible to fill. To overcome the acute shortage, companies are happy to appeal to your work ethic and spirit. Below you can find a brief overview of the current vacancies and examples of jobs in various sectors.

  • Operator or production worker in the breakfast cereal industry
  • Operator or production worker in the textile industry
  • Operator or production worker in the plastics processing industry
  • Operator or production worker in the woodworking industry
  • Operator or production worker in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Forklift driver or operator of overhead cranes
  • Interpreter in a variety of industries
  • Job coach in various industries

Work for Ukrainians and newcomers

“Have courage and be strong”, that is one of the pieces of advice that Ukrainian English teacher Svitlana Fedorova gives to her compatriots. During an interview, she talks about her forced departure from the occupied Melitopol (Ukraine), the challenges of her staying in Belgium and the work she found for the Matching Talent project. Read her story and that of others who, after a free training, found a job here as an operator or production worker.



Do you want to learn more about the project, or do you have questions?
 Contact Svitlana Fedorova, your contact person at Matching Talent.

Svitlana Fedorova
Project coordinator

Etienne Sabbelaan 49
8500 Kortrijk
M +32(0)476 07 67 00